Ms. Anna Potter


Since Ms. Potter was a midyear graduate, her first call was to teach grade 2 in Baraboo, WI, for 6 months starting in January 1996. Ms. Potter was issued another call to teach grade 5 at David’s Star in Jackson, WI starting in July 1996. While at David’s Star, she enjoyed coaching volleyball and track, teaching grades 5-8 physical education and art classes. Ms. Potter taught in Jackson, WI for 17 years before returning to Michigan.

She took 6 years away from teaching to help out with her family. In 2019, she received a one year call to teach grades 3-5 at Emanuel. During the school year, the congregation made her call permanent. Ms. Potter is currently teaching grades 4-5 and some grade 6 classes and coaches volleyball.

Ms. Potter enjoys reading, crafts, spending time with family and friends, and visiting her family’s lake house in Millersburg, MI. Ms. Potter has one son, LJ. They enjoy living at the family farm in Laingsburg, MI


Ms. Potter received her Bachelor of Science for Primary and Secondary Education from Martin Luther Collage in December of 1995.